Inside, you'll learn to...

  • Identify your deepest purpose and redesign your life around it
  • Learn the secrets of top 0.01% creators and snowball your ideas into profits
  • Attract your tribe and serve them like only you can
  • Build an AI-proof one-person business that'll provide your income for life
  • Conquer anxiety, smash through creative blocks and cancel burnout
  • Untangle your decision-making with unique perspectives & mental models
  • Take back control of your life with proven tools for setting boundaries
  • Freetire yourself in 6-12 months and never again take orders from anyone


"Iβ€˜ve helped 100's of people with their meditation practice and I can only say Dan is delivering nothing but excellence. His teaching style is practical & down to earth. Only focused on your results instead of getting lost in dogma."



"While everyone else is posting generic platitudes, Dan is sharing practical, applicable wisdom. If you want simple mindfulness tips delivered to your inbox… Dan is THE guy for you."

Jay Yang


"Whenever I have spoken with Dan, I automatically came away from the conversation feeling revitalised. Mindfulness is the answer, and I am blessed that Dan guided me to this answer."

thomas haynes

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Mindful Money-Getting In 8 Steps

(How to Make Your Work A Spiritual Practice)

If you can't earn enough money, it's because you're not spiritual enough. And please don't listen to anyone who tells you that money will disrupt your spiritual practice. Money can't do thatβ€”it's just paper and metal. But what it can do is enable great benefit in the world. Here's how...

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How to Stop Killing Your Better Self

(The 5 Self-Help Non-Negotiables)

It's never been easier to settle for an average life. But this makes the winnings that much greater for those who rise up. Learn the 12 problems self-helpers are trying to overcome, the 6 problems with the most extreme solution, and the 5 non-negotiables that'll finally get you to your fullest potential.

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